Thursday, November 30, 2006

Lucked out!

Greenville, SC to Chicago

Scheduled Departure : 6:05

Actual Departure : 6:25

Arrival in Chicago : 7:35

All day in Asheville people were telling us we were going to be stuck in North Carolina because of the storm coming through. A couple people from my company even changed their flights so they could leave tomorrow morning.

Jokes on them. The storm's moving so slow that it's not going to hit Chicago until midnight. We barely had any delay at all.

When we landed, the boards showed us how lucky we were. If we'd been scheduled to land 90 minutes later, we indeed would have been stranded in North Carolina.

My overall thoughts of Asheville, NC:

  1. Mountainy
  2. Home of Thomas Wolfe
  3. Rainy


Dinner - New York Strip : D- Unseasoned. Very Fatty. Too rare.

Lunch - Cold Cuts : C I mean, you know. Cold cuts are cold cuts.


Asheville Renaissance Hotel

Bed - A Very comfortable. Nice linens. Lots of pillows.

Shower - B Good shower head. High quality complimentary soap and shampoo. (Bath and Body)

Room - B+ Great view of the Mountains. Clean. Good TV. Internet, but I had to pay for it.

The good news? I'm back home in Chicago.

Bad news? We're about to be hit with our first snow storm of the year.

Asheville, NC

Chicago to Greenville, SC
Scheduled Departure : 2:55
Actual Departure : 4:45
Arrival in Greenville : 7:15

Merry Christmas. A Poinsettia Tree!!!

Our meeting is actually in Asheville, NC. We landed in Greenville, SC. and drove 120 miles through the mountains to get to our hotel. After a long delay it was nice to see a Christmas tree made entirely of potted poinsettia's.

Carla is traveling with me. Here she is in front of the tree:

Earlier in the day when Carla picked me up to drive us to the airport, her first question to me was, "Be honest. Do I smell like wet dog?"

She didn't.

I travel. A lot!

In the past year, I spent over 100 days away from my home in Chicago. That's almost a third of the year!

It gets a little confusing at times. At the self check-in kiosk at the Dallas airport a few weeks ago, it asked me for the first three letters of my destination and I didn't know what to put. Turns out, the first three letters were CHI.

I do all this traveling for a few different reasons. Usually it's for work, but I also spend a great deal of time on the road teaching and performing improv around the country. It's fun and it's rewarding, but it's also sometimes frustrating and tiring.

The plan is to make this my travelogue. It'll help me keep track of where I've been and what I've done. It's also a way for me to keep track of how much time I waste in airports.

So, here we go. Catch me if you can.