Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Winter in Chicago

I woke up this morning and thought it had snowed.

Everything was white. I didn't realize until I got outside that it hadn't snowed at all. It was just really, really, really cold.
I always forget that when it gets this cold the normally black streets and gray sidewalks turn white.

Even the cars turn white.

It's 22 degrees, but the windchill makes it feel like it's 9 degrees.

As cold as this is, it's going to get worse. CNN's weather forecast for this weekend looks like this:

Friday HI 14°F LO F
Saturday HI 12°F LO -2°F
Sunday HI 12°F LO F

-2 !!!!!!????!!


Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Anybody want to go to Miami this weekend?

I really couldn't go to Miami, right? It would be silly and crazy and frivolous, right? I really need someone to talk me out of this because I'm tempted...oh tempted....

This flight itinerary would be terrible,'s only $168.
Traveling to Miami
Sat 3-Feb-07
Chicago (ORD)Depart 6:00 pm Terminal 2 to Detroit (DTW)Arrive 8:21 pm
237 mi(381 km)Duration: 1hr 21mn
NW Flight: 1250

Detroit (DTW)Depart 9:03 pm to Miami (MIA)Arrive 11:54 pm
1,154 mi(1,857 km)Duration: 2hr 51mn
NW Flight: 993
Total distance: 1,391 mi (2,239 km)
Total duration: 4hr 12mn (4hr 54mn with connections)
Traveling to Chicago
Mon 5-Feb-07
Miami (MIA)Depart 10:55 pm to Orlando (MCO)Arrive 11:55 pm
201 mi(323 km)Duration: 1hr 0mn
AA Flight: 2188
Tue 6-Feb-07
Orlando (MCO)Depart 6:20 am to Memphis (MEM)Arrive 7:32 am
679 mi(1,093 km)Duration: 2hr 12mn
NW Flight: 957
Memphis (MEM)Depart 8:30 am to Chicago (ORD)Arrive 10:13 am Terminal 2
487 mi(784 km)Duration: 1hr 43mn
NW Flight: 936

I couldn't afford a hotel anyway, right? Right? Right?

Well, on that you're absolutely right. The cheapest hotel room I could find is $199 a night. And that's pretty far away from Miami.

Also, tickets for the game are going for $6000 a seat.

Soooo, the dream of going to Miami is pretty much dead.

I'll have to settle for sitting in my living room and watching the game here in Chicago.
On the bright side, I bought a new TV. I took the $900 I won at the casino in Detroit and bought a flat screen. I call it the "Poker TV", since I won it playing Caribbean Stud.

****Disclaimer**** If you look closely at the TV screen, you'll notice the Bears have a new quarterback.

Now that I've confessed that I have a new TV, I would like to ask that you not steal it from me. If you feel like you need to steal something, steal this.

I want to get it out of my living room.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Pan's Labyrinth

Tonight was the first time in several weeks that Jeannie and I were able to go out to dinner and see a movie.

We stopped in and and some really nice sushi and then we went to Century Movie Theater.

We weren't sure what to see, so I looked online and briefly scanned over the description and reviews of Pan's Labyrinth. I really don't like reading reviews or descriptions because they give away too much of the story. So, I'll scan the first couple lines and look at the star rating to determine if it's a film I want to see.

Pan's ratings were through the roof! On MovieFone, 6 out of 12 reviewers gave it a 100% ranking. That's amazing! No review ranking was below 80%. That's unheard of.

The reviews were equally as dazzling. Here are a few:

The New York Times A.O. Scott
A swift and accessible entertainment, blunt in its power and exquisite in its effects.

USA Today Claudia Puig
Pan's Labyrinth artfully fuses a war film with a family melodrama and a fairy tale.

Unfortunately, I missed the review that said:

Rolling Stone Peter Travers
Del Toro never coddles the audience. He means us to leave Pan's Labyrinth shaken to our souls. He succeeds.


Variety Justin Chang
.....exquisitely violent fantasy ....A fairy tale not even remotely intended for children, this entrancing magical-realist drama concocts a sinister spin on "Alice in Wonderland"....graphic phantasmagorical elements....

Graphic Phantasmagorical elements!?! I don't even know what that means.

Well, I guess that now that I've seen the movie, it means (....)*** And it also means (....)***
***Special note to Jeannie and anyone who might be freaked out by creepy pictures. Do not click on these links.

Oh boy.

It was creepy and scary and gross and possibly the most violent movie I've ever seen. And, I loved it.

Jeannie, on the other hand...
...wasn't a big fan.

She does not like scary movies. Especially when I've convinced her to go to it by saying it's a Spanish version of "The Chronicles of Narnia".

Friday, January 26, 2007

Back in Chicago

After two weeks, my ears finally popped and opened up completely. Having both ears opened has actually given me a massive headache and effected my equalibrium. Strange.

USA today has a story about airline delays. 2006 set a record for delays. From my experience, it looks like 2007 will shatter that record. Of the 10 flights I've taken since January, 8 of them were delayed. Of those 8, 6 of them were delayed 2 hours or more. And, of all the airports, O'hare is by far the worst.

Tonight is the 4th week of Project Writing Reader's theater. Tonight's screenplay is "Time Dash", written by Chris Bell. Chris finished his screenplay in the 6th week of class. He's even finished the sequel and registered the domain name for his script. It should be lots of fun.

I didn't take many pictures while we were in Tennessee, so here's a photo of Jeannie and I eating at Whataburger in San Antonio.
Man, that was a gooooood burger!

Thursday, January 25, 2007


We've run into an interesting colloquialism down here in Tennessee.

At some point, every local we've run into has used the phrase "fixin'ta".

And, they always use it as a verb.

For example, "If ya'll want some more food, we're fixin'ta tear down the breakfast buffet."

"We're gonna leave a little late this afternoon because the baggage crew is fixin'ta put everyone's bags on the plane.

And more puzzling than all of these was when the maid told me: "I'm fixin'ta get ready to fixin'ta get you some fresh towels."

I thought I'd had it figured out until she said that.

Another day, another mall

Yesterday was a travel day, but we did our traveling on Tuesday. was off to the mall.

I don't really like malls, but there's really nothing else to do.

After the mall, Carla and I went to the airport to meet up with our third traveling partner, Deep Schwa's, Tim Mason.

When I first started working for this company, Tim was my original partner. It was usually he and I along with our bosses who went everywhere. Both our bosses were promoted and the division we work in was expanded, so we were able to bring along several more people like Brett and Carla to do these presentations with us.

Tim just returned from a year long stint with Second City Denver. This is his first gig in awhile. It should be fun.

The cool thing about this small airport is that they have an observation deck. We were able to stand on it and watch the planes land. It was cool.
That's Tim's plane landing behind Carla.

Unfortunately, I forgot to bring my camera, so I had to take these pictures with my phone. I couldn't zoom in very well. If you squint, you can see Tim deboarding his plane.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Kingsport, Tennessee

I'm not completely sure where I am. In the mountains of Tennessee, I think.

We flew from Indianapolis to Charlotte, NC to the Tri-City Airport of Tennessee. Very confusing.

I hate flying connecting flights, but when we go to these remote areas we always have to stop over somewhere. If I had my choice, I'd always have my connection be in Charlotte. Of all the airports I've been in, it's one of my favorites. Why?

Here's why-

I love those rocking chairs. I sit in them for hours. I slurp on my Berry-Lime Sublime Jamba Juice and watch the planes come in. Oh yeah, they have a Jamba Juice there too. You can't beat that.

Tonight, Carla and I went to Damon's steakhouse and played the electronic trivia game. She killed everyone in the whole restaurant. It was pretty impressive.

I'm still limping along with this silly cold.


My ears are still clogged from last weeks trip to Rochester. While I was checking out of the hotel this morning I thought they opened up. I opened up my mouth to ask the lady at the front desk a question and my left ear popped for the first time in a week.

It was so loud, I ducked.


I thought something had exploded next to my head.

However, my ears remained clogged. I hope they open up soon. It would be nice to hear things again.

Monday, January 22, 2007


As luck would have it, our meeting tomorrow is in Indianapolis.
It's very strange and fun going from one Superbowl town to another.
I was excited and entertained as I traveled to the airport this morning. It seemed like everywhere I went I saw a great number of people wearing some sort of Bears paraphenalia. Chicago is Bears crazy right now.

Indianapolis however, is completely and totally Colts obsessed. I didn't see a large number of people wearing Colts paraphenalia. Everyone I saw was wearing Colts clothing. Everyone! Many of them were covered from head to foot in Indy Blue.
In the airport, the Colts logo was plastered everywhere. There were Superbowl and Colts medallion placards hanging from the ceiling in the terminals and the baggage claim areas. Even the support columns were covered with Colts decorations.

It's going to be interesting to see if they're going to be able to keep this up for two whole weeks.

Mike Brown Loves Chapstick!

So, during the game yesterday, the announcers talked about Bears Safety Mike Brown and Defensive Tackle Tommie Harris. When they zoomed in on Mike Brown, he was going to town with a tube of chapstick.

I copied the video to my computer so everyone could see just how much Mike Brown LOVES chapstick.

His injury has to be chapstick related.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Go Bears!

Good job experts!

You all did a great job. Fortunately, you all were very, very wrong.

Go Bears

This could be the first time in my life that I've prayed for snow. Actually, what am I talking about? When I was in grade school and elementary school, I prayed for snow every night.

Hopefully, the bad weather will help slow down that Saints fast flying offense. Go Bears!

I'm having a tough time shaking off this cold. I felt better yesterday morning, but by late afternoon I was a mess. I came home from my class, took some medicine and fell asleep. Woke up this morning and I'm worse than I've been all week. Jeesh. What's going on?

Friday night's Project Writing Reader's Theater went very well.

Jeannie was very excited about how it went.

She had a lot of friends come to the reading and it made her very, very happy.

She even made cupcakes!I'm very pleased with how well these readings have been going. It's a great group of people and the reaction from the audiences has been great.
Did I mention, Go Bears?
Go Bears!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

The Great Lakes Tour is over

In the past three weeks we've visited 4 out of the 5 Great Lakes. We saw Erie, Superior, Ontario and of course Michigan.

We were very worried that doing these trips in January would be problematic because of the weather, but we escaped with minimal delays.

Unfortunately, I was not able to fight off Brett's sickness germs. I succumbed. Yesterday we picked up some Zicam at Eckards drugstore. It cured of us our flu symptoms, but did a number on our digestive systems.

Both Brett and I ended up with severe, I'm talking SEVERE, indigestion and heartburn. I woke up at 4:44am and never got back to sleep. I was hurtin'. Still am.

Also, my left ear is still clogged from the airplane. I can't hear anything out of it. It's annoying.

I'm a mess.

However, I'm very excited about tomorrows Project Writing Reader's Theater. It's a screenplay written by my girlfriend, Jeannie Cahill.

Here are the particulars:

Going through a midlife crisis is hard enough, but imagine going through it as a 12 year old.
Jeanetta McBean is a stressed out, neurotic 12 year old on the verge of a mental break down. Her day to day life becomes so monotonous, she finds herself becoming the most depressed child in her class, family and community.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Upper New York

It's a travel day....

....but, we did all of our traveling last night. So, we got to relax today.

We're near the Finger Lakes, so we're in a beautiful area. So, we decided to take advantage of it and went to another movie. We saw "The Good Shepherd".

Afterward we met up with our boss, Lisa, and had dinner at a restaurant by the canal.

While we were in the Minneapolis airport we ran across this vending machine:It's vending machine for Ipod products! You can actually buy a Mini, Shuffle or regular Ipod out of this silly machine. We stood around and stared at this freaking thing for a long time. They had everything in there. It was so cool. I'll have to say, nobody does a better job marketing their products than Apple.

I'm watching "Inside the NFL" on HBO. Earlier, I watched a football highlight program on the YES network (New York channel). I watched a similar program on ESPN. Almost 95% of the analysts are predicting that the Saints will beat the Bears.

Well, the only thing I have to say to all of these analysts is "Keep it coming!" Keep massaging the egos of the Saints and their fans. Keep overestimating New Orleans and ripping on Chicago.

We'll see what happens. Oh yes, we'll see.

My prediction?

Bears 34 Saints 17

Reggie Bush will fumble twice. Urlacher will force a fumble or interception for a touchdown.

Oh yes, we'll see.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Who can turn the world on with his smile?

The Mary Tyler Moore Statue was right outside our hotel. How cool to have a city erect a statue in honor of a fictional character. I hope to have that happen for me some day.

Our meeting took place on the top floor of the tallest building of Minneapolis. Here's the view:

Does that look cold or what?
We finished our portion of the meeting by 11:00am, but unfortunately the only direct flight to Rochester, New York wasn't until 6:45.

So, we had a little over 5 hours to waste before we had to get to the airport.

If you've got 5 hours to waste and you're in Minneapolis, there's only one place to go.....

We toyed with the idea of going on one of the roller coasters, but went to see a movie instead.

My writing class gave me a gift card from AMC Theaters for Christmas, so I was able to use it to pay for the $6 admission charge. Yep. $6! I couldn't believe it. I can't remember the last time I only had to pay $6 for a movie.

The only movie we could see was "Night at the Museum". It was not a great or even good movie by any stretch of the words, but it was very enjoyable. Mickey Rooney was killing me. Every time that little munchkin opened his mouth, I died laughing. Owen Wilson was funny too.

We arrived in Rochester and landed smackdab in the middle of a snowstorm. I can't believe our plane actually landed in this. It took us 45 minutes to drive 18 miles to our hotel. It's a mess. The rest of our party is supposed to arrive tomorrow.

I fear they may not make it.


From outside my hotel window there is a giant clock that kept me informed of the time at all hours of the night.

It also keeps me informed of the current temperature.

It gets a little cold here in Minnesota.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Delayed....gate change....delayed


I travel to Minneapolis four or five times a year. Whether it's coming from, or going to, I am delayed every time. Every time!

We were supposed to depart at 2:30, but we didn't leave O'Hare until 5:30. We had 4 gate changes! We went from H10 to K8 to K18 to K1. We were all like gypsies traveling from gate to gate with all our belongings.

But, it's the winter, you know. So I expect those kinds of delays. To be honest, I'm usually more surprised when we leave on time. I never expect that.

Brett is traveling with me and he's a little bit under the weather. Last week Carla was pretty sick and I was able to to fight off any of the germs she tried to infect me with. Hopefully I'll be just as strong against Brett's currupt bacteria.

He's doing his best to combat his illness by downing lots of Dayquill, Sprite and Cinnabons.

Minneapolis is cold. It's about 8 degrees.

The hotel is great. It's really, really nice. It's the Marquette Hilton. I like the hallway.

Go Bears


The Bears pulled one out. We can all relax...for 6 more days. New Orleans will be tough. Very tough.

During yesterdays game I ate a 6 inch mini pizza, a bag of baked lays doritos, two apples, a cup of yogurt, a two liter of diet coke and 4 liters of water!

I might be a bit of a stress eater.

I'm on my way to the airport.

It's snowing.

I have a feeling I might be at the airport for awhile.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Goodbye Detroit

I cut my nose shaving this morning. How ridiculous is that.

I'm back in Chicago after two days in Detroit. The presentations that Brett, Carla and I were responsible for went very well.

It was odd walking around the Detroit airport. The last time I was there was in August of 2003. I remember it very vividly because I was on my way to the Toronto Improv Festival and got caught in the Blackout of 2003. That was the blackout that knocked out power in Detroit, Toronto, New York and dozens of other cities along the east coast.

On that hot August day, I spent 30 hours in the Detroit Metropolitan Airport trying to get a flight to Toronto. It was a very memorable and exhausting experience.

As Brett, Carla and I walked through the airport, I pointed out the different landmarks of my 30 hour nightmare. It was odd.

Tonight is the second installment of Project Writing Reader's Theater. It should be lots of fun. Curt Foxworth has written a very fun, campy script called E. Here's the rest of the info:


Discovered by a sinister talent agent at a high school production of Damn Yankees, Emily Macintosh is thrust onto the fast track to super-stardom. She becomes a successful pop singer, actress and model/spokesperson, everything she's ever dreamed of.

Her "bohemian" drama student brother, Stephen initially scofs at her success but is powerlesss to resist the ease and charm of her new life, when a chance to have the same is offered to him.
The Macintosh siblings find widely different way of handling their astonishing success. Eventually, she would do anything to give up her new life, and he would do anything to keep it.

Project Writing Reader's Theater
IO training center annex
Harold Room

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Motor City

Of course Brett found a casino here in Detroit.

That's not surprising.

What is surprising is that I caught 4 Kings while playing Caribbean Stud Poker and won $900.00.

How did we celebrate? Burger King drive thru at Midnight. It was the only thing open!

Meanwhile, here's a picture of Brett cramed into our tiny, tiny airplane.

You can see Brett perform twice every Sunday night with me at IO. At 8:00pm with Deep Schwa. And, at 10:15 with Aphasia.

The Great Lakes tour continues....

Fortunately, the weather in Cleveland didn't hinder our travel.
Unfortunately, this is the plane we flew in.
It shook and sputtered the whole way to Detroit.
We landed in Detroit and drove to the suburbs. Tomorrow's meeting is taking place in Birmingham, Michigan. It's a very nice, quaint little hamlet.

Brett even managed to find a cupcake store.

Tuesday, January 9, 2007


Carla got a new hat.Brett tried it on, but he couldn't get it to fit on his massive, gargantuan freak head.Looks better on Carla.

Our flight to Cleveland was loaded with OSU fans who were on their way back from the BCS National Championship game. They were not happy. Meanwhile, it's snowing pretty hard here. We're a little worried about our flight out of town tomorrow.

Monday, January 8, 2007


Well, the temps did drop as expected, but surprise...the sun stayed.

It's been sunny the last three days in a row. A minor miracle.

The screenplay reading on Friday went great!

Everybody had fun and we had a nice reaction.

In the past few weeks I've been trying to sell my Xbox on Ebay. I got a message from someone named farrahp2001 who wanted to buy the item immediately. I agreed to the terms and boxed up the Xbox.

However, farrahp2001 didn't click the buy it now button. farahp2001 explained to me that their computer didn't work correctly and it was impossible for them to use any of the functions and buttons on Ebay.

I will like to buy the item from you and am ready to pay the amount of $240 for the item and i will handle the shipping with my fedex account. If you are okay with my offer kindly end the bidding for me and email me back with your full name and address where you want the money order to be posted pls include your email address too,so that i can go for the payment via western union money order.

I was very hesitant about the situation, but decided to give farrahp2001 the benefit of the doubt. I ended the auction and was immediately flooded with e-mails from Ebay telling me that I had violated the rules by ending the auction early.

They also warned me that they'd been monitoring the account of farrahp2001 and it might be a scam account. Ya think?

So, I relisted the Xbox and decided to continue correspondence with my new friend farrahp2001.

Here are some of the exchanges we've had:

I have ended the auction. Once your money order has cleared I will send the Xbox, 17 games, headset and all other items to you. - Jeff

I will make the payment now and when i make the payment western union will email you the payment approval confirmation mail to notify you that the payment has been made and approved by them. And when you get the mail they will demand for the item shipment tracking number for the shipping verification and when you give it to them and they verify the shipment they wil release your money order to you in the next 24hrs which you can get it cleared the same day you receive it and they do all this forsecurity reasons because they are security outfit (works with the fbi and the ifcc)and also they are a win to win situation between the buyer and the seller.So i await your respond so that i can go ahead with the payment.serenaAnd for the shipping i will only forward you a fedex shipping label and invoice via email attachments and you will get it printed and pasted on the package and you will help me to drop off the package in any fedex office arround you that will cost you no amount of money

Wow. That's very elaborate. And, very surprising that you decided to put all that information into one paragraph. This all seemed very fishy, but your mention of the FBI has reassured me. I eagerly await your response. -Jeff

I will make the payment now so when you get the payment confirmation email from western union kindly email me back so that i can send you the fedex shipping label and invoice for the drop off of the item in any fedex office nearest to you.ThanksSERENA.

Sounds great. I hope you had a nice holiday. My girlfriend bought me a new Samsung Blackjack phone. Maybe I'll sell it to you. Ha, ha. Just joking. Did you get anything fun for Christmas?
When is this Western Union money order arriving?

Hello, Here with this mail is Attached the Shipping Label And The Way Bill Invoice...All you need to do is Download the Attachments and Print out 1 Copy Of The Shipping Label And 2 Copy Of The Way Bill Invoice And Tape them on The OUTSIDE of The PACKAGE. As soon as you do this you get the Package Dropped Off at any Fed Ex Self Service(Drop Off Location) Nearest to you and email western union customer care service email( with the Tracking number for verification that you have shipped. Kindly Get back to me as soon as you get through this, and dont forget you will not pay any dime when droping the not go to FEDEX kinkos FOR DROP OFF..JUST GO TO LOCAL FEDEX DROP OFF.Serena.Nice doing business with you..

So, I noticed you didn't mention what you got for Christmas. I hope I didn't offend you by assuming you celebrated a christian holiday. So sorry. I would never want anything to jeopardize our business together. I do have a few questions though.
In your profile it says you are from Washington, Missouri. If you're from Washington, Missouri, why am I supposed to mail this product to Alagbado, Lagos, Africa?
Also, I called Western Union to verify the money order and they said the number was invalid?Any answers? -Jeff

According to my firstmail i have told you that i will be shipping the package to my store so i have a store in alagbado...The invalidity of the money is because you have not shiped the package, i promise immediately the package is shiped out your money will be delivered

Of course. That makes sense.
However, Western Union informed me that the numbers of the Western Union money order that you e-mailed me are completely false. They believe this is all a scam.
Please tell me this isn't a scam.
How about New Years? Did you do anything for New Years? - Jeff

I'm eagerly awaiting their response.

Friday, January 5, 2007

This is winter?

52 degrees?!?

On the fifth day of January?

I'll take it.

I actually saw people walking around in shorts and a tank top. It's really not warm enough to be doing that, but it's pretty nice. It's not going to last long.

Tomorrow it's back to winter.

Something happened on Christmas Eve that I forgot about until I was reminded of it when we were leaving Milwaukee yesterday.

As I was running around from plane to train to automobiles, I stopped into a Walgreens to grab a soda. To my amazement, they were already taking down the Christmas decorations...


....replacing them with....


Are you kidding me?!!?

Do we really need 51 days of preparation for Valentine's day?

We can't get through Christmas and New Years first?

On a different note, the writing class that I teach is starting their weekly showcase tonight.

Here's the info:

Project Writing Reader's Theater is a result of Jeff Griggs' Project Writing class. Each week a writer will showcase his or her completed screenplay in a Reader's Theater format. As a part of the scholastic intention of the class, immediately following the readings, the writers will participate in a question and answer session so audience members may ask questions or offer comments about the scripts.

Project Writing is an introductory class that focuses on large scale writing projects. The eight week course concentrates on students beginning a "project" and laying the groundwork that will enable them to complete their desired venture.

Tonights screenplay is

"Lone Star"

by Molly Wilbanks

A young girl is following her Hollywood dreams, but a wedding brings her back to her hometown where she is forced to face the judgments and emotions of the people she left behind; the things she has been running from all along.

I'm very excited for this.

Thursday, January 4, 2007

Back to work...

...back on the road.

In Milwaukee.
Brett Lyon's is traveling with me. He's really good about finding things to do when we're on the road. Usually though, it ends up costing me money.

For example, this evening Brett discovered that there was a Bingo Palace/Casino a few miles from our hotel.

This wasn't your ordinary, casual Bingo. This was serious Bingo!

How serious?

The session began at 6:00pm. We finished at 10:30pm. 4 and 1/2 hours!! 52 games!!! The prizes ranged from $100 to $5,000. Most prizes were $1,000 per game. It was insane.

This is the third time Brett and I have found one of these Bingo places and we're hooked. It's way too much fun. Every time we go, we have to buy these blotters.
No more. These things are going in my travel case. I'll start checking my baggage if I have to. These things are going with us everywhere.

Monday, January 1, 2007

Happy New Year.

Went to the Bears/Packers game with Brett last night. When the game started, it looked like it was going to be a lot of fun.

By the end of the 1st quarter, it wasn't fun anymore.
The situation was made worse by the fact that the section we were sitting in was filled with Green Bay fans. They had a blast.

I did not.

We stayed for the whole miserable game.

Before we left Soldier Field, Brett snuck into the "Family Bathroom" and I wandered over to the lower level to take some pictures. I watched as Brett Favre was interviewed on the the field. He stopped to take pictures with his teammates before jogging into the locker room. I was struck by the fact that I may have just witnessed Brett Favre literally taking his last steps on a football field.

So, I'd like to make this plea to good 'ole #4 in the gold and green. Do not screw this up for me!

I'm not saying that I want you to retire. I'm saying, never step on a football field again!!!

I want to to be one of those old guys with a sports story. I want to say, "New Years eve. The final hours of 2006. In the distance I could see the fireworks at Navy Pier (embellished image). The greatest quarterback in the history of the game rubbed his creaking shoulder one last time and headed toward the locker room. Just before he stepped his spikes onto the concrete floor that led to the bowels of Soldier Field, he turned and looked back at the grass turf that had been his battle ground for the past 16 years. As he scanned the field, he saw a dark solitary figure in the stands(Embellished image). (More embellishment upcoming) It was a Bears fan. Even though they had fought against each other for so many years, there was an unspoken respect between them. The old quarterback's eyes filled with tears. The Bears fan nodded. He understood. #4 smiled(End of embellishment). He turned and stepped off the field for the final time in his life. He never set foot on a football field again!

Seriously Brett Favre, don't be a jerk. Don't ruin this for me. If you're going to a baseball game and you have to walk across a football field to get to the baseball game, don't go to the baseball game!!!
He's going to screw it up.

After the Bears game, Brett and I made our way back to the Lakeview area and hunted down Jeannie and her friends. We made it in time to ring in the new year together.

Goodbye, 2006. You were great.
Hello, 2007. The best and busiest year yet.