Sunday, March 4, 2007

Out of Texas

Well, we got out of Texas.

We left Saturday morning at 7:30am. We left the hotel at 6:ooam. I was tired, tired, tired.

Friday night, we wandered over to the theater district of Houston and watched a movie. To be specific, we saw Zodiac. It was pretty good. Not great.

I was severely jet-lagged. Also, at some point during the trip, I broke a tooth. It was one of my wisdom teeth, which need to be pulled anyway, but it was unsettling to have one break like that. It didn't hurt and there's no lingering pain, but I need to go to the dentist to have them look at it. I also need to look into getting the rest of my wisdom teeth yanked out of there.

It has given me a little bit of a headache and my tongue hurts a lot because I keep reaching it back to touch where the tooth broke off. Strange.
I made it back in time to meet up with the writing class to rehearse for next weeks reading.

There are only two reading's left. Brian Finley's is up next. It'll be fun.

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