Thursday, November 29, 2007



I'm sick, sick, sick, sick.

I have the stomach flu or something.

Within an hour after arriving at the hotel my stomach began to feel as if was being ripped to shreds.

At 6:30 I threw up for the first time. For the rest of the night, I was in the bathroom or laying on the floor next to the bathroom.

At 2:00am I stopped throwing up and finally fell asleep.

Today, Tim, Carla and I had 2 presentations to do. I threw up right before the first one and felt a lot better.

I realized I hadn't eaten anything in 24 hours so I grabbed some chex mix in the hopes that it would stabilize my stomach a little bit. It helped, but my stomach was still rumbling. All I wanted to do was get home so I could get some medicine, eat some stable food and lay on my couch and watch last nights episode of Kid Nation and Project Runway.

We were done with our second presentation at 1:45, but unfortunately, our flight was at 5:30.

Moline has a pretty small airport doesn't have very many flights to Chicago. The only flight before ours was a 2:15 flight and we were about 7 miles from the airport. We'd never make it.

Or would we?

As soon as the presentation was over, we took off our microphones, said goodbye and raced to the rental car. Actually, I wasn't really going that fast because my stomach wasn't letting me.

We drove to the airport, dropped off the car, slid through security and ran right onto the plane before they closed the doors.

Let me tell ya, that would never happen at O'hare. We arrived at the airport at 2:00 and still managed to get on the flight! It was amazing.

Tonight, I'm doing a lot better, but my stomach is still giving me trouble. It just feels so nice to be home.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Tim, Carla and I are in Moline doing a corporate gig. We're at the Stoney Creek Inn, which is a very odd place.

It's right next to the Mississippi river so it's decorated like a fishing lodge. It's strange.

For some reason, I've stayed in a lot of theme hotels this year.

My room had signs and strange decorations all over the place.

Friday, November 23, 2007

San Antonio...

For Thanksgiving I snuck down to San Antonio and had spent the holiday with Jeannie and her family.

Several years ago Jeannie had visited me in Chicago and had kept it a complete surprise until she arrived. I used this Thanksgiving trip to return the favor and surprise her in San Antonio.

It worked perfectly. She never knew I was coming. I even talked to her a couple times as I was driving to her house from the airport and she didn't suspect anything.

On Thanksgiving day we drove down to Mathis, Texas so that we could eat with Jeannie's mother's family. Jeannie's cousin brought his girlfriend and her family to the Thanksgiving dinner. They were the hit of the Thanksgiving festivities for 2 reasons.

Reason #1 -

They brought a deep fried turkey. I've heard a lot about how good a deep fried turkey is, but I was stunned at just how delicious it was. It was amazing. My moms turkey is the best turkey I've ever tasted, but that deep fried turkey is a very, very, very, very close second place.

Jeannie liked the turkey so much she went up to the girlfriends father twice to shake his hand and thank him for bringing it.

Reason #2 -

It was discovered during the meal that they have a little farm and on that little farm they have a little horse.
The horses name is teabag.

It was nice to be back in San Antonio. I really like it down there. Texas is an awesome state and San Antonio is a great city. The only negative thing about the trip was that it was freaking cold while I was there. It was only 40 degrees!

That's not supposed to happen.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

San Diego...

Brett and I are in one of my favorite places, San Diego, to do a 3 day corporate gig.

We're staying at the Four Seasons Resort just outside of San Diego. It's a super nice place. Here's the view from my veranda. Yesterday afternoon we drove to the road and stopped in to eat at In-n-Out Burger. Soooo good.
Brett likes a lot of ketchup on his fries and burgers. Last night, the company we're working for, hired out SeaWorld and we got to visit the park after hours. It was incredible.
Once the sun went down we had our own special Shamu show. It was amazing. I love Shamu. Today, we have one more presentation left and then we have the whole day to bum around.

I'm trying to get a tan, but my body is rejecting it.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

College Comedy Championship

This past weekend I had the honor of being a judge for CIF's College Comedy Championship. It began on Friday evening at 5:00pm and lasted until 11:30pm.

On Saturday, we went from noon to 7:00pm and Sunday, 10:00am to 3:00pm.

It was a lot of college improv in three straight days. Thankfully, for the most part, it was really good improv.

Two teams especially stood out. Awkward Silence from Indiana University was one of the funniest improv teams I've ever seen in my whole life. They were amazing. Unfortunately, doing 4 shows in under 36 hours wore them down a bit. They were still really funny, but had lost a bit of their energy.

The team that won was Old Tom Jar from the Titanic Players at Northwestern. They were a smart, stylish and patient 3 person team. They were funny, consistent and strong throughout the tournament. They do the type of improv that every team in the country should be doing.

Niki Lindgren and Nick Johns were my fellow judges. If you're a college student, the competition will be broadcast on the OSTN Network.


Several months ago Jeannie's co-worker Mindy told her that she had made it to the last rounds of being a Laker Girl. Since she hadn't made it on to the team, Mindy was thinking about quitting dancing.

A few days later I saw in the newspaper that the Luvabulls were holding auditions for this years dance squad. I tore the article out of the paper and gave it to Jeannie to give to Mindy.

A few weeks later, Mindy auditioned and made the squad.

In appreciation for us telling her about the try-outs, Mindy gave Jeannie tickets to this past Tuesday's Bulls game.

It was Jeannie's first NBA game and she was very excited. We got there super-early because we went right after work so we got to go down to court side to see the players. We stood right next to Ben Wallace, Ben Gordon and Jo-Kim Noah.

It was all pretty awesome.

Friday, November 2, 2007


We made an interesting discovery last night.

I don't know if you've heard about this, but Google maps has a new function called "Street View" which shows you exactly what the street looks like. Several months ago the Google people drove through the streets of Chicago and recorded panoramic digital photos of a lot of our cities most popular streets.

I use the function all the time so I know what the street and surrounding buildings look like when I have to go to the them.

Thursday evening, after I took a look at what my destination looks like for tomorrow, I typed in my old and new address. It was interesting to virtually walk down the streets that I walk down every day.

Jeannie was standing behind me as I clicked down the street. She clapped her hands and jumped up and down as screen made it's way past the CVS on Southport Street. Guess who was walking home from doing her laundry as the Google car drove around taking pictures. If you type in 3656 N. Southport, you can see her there. You can actually watch her walk most of the way home if you scroll down the street for a couple blocks.

Thursday, November 1, 2007


Brett and I flew into Orlando Wednesday night. We were supposed to get in at 11:00pm, but we were able to get an earlier flight out and landed in Orlando at 6:30.

I was especially happy about this development because it gave us a chance to go to my favorite BBQ place, O'boys.

I discovered O'boys back in the days when my old improv group the Plain Cake Donuts traveled down to Orlando to do the SAK Improv Festival. We went two years and it was always it was a great time.

It was at that theater that I met some of my dear improv friends. It's where I met Kevin Patrick Robbins, Asaf Ronen, Sean Taberas and many others. The Donuts met and befriended two of the greatest showmen in Orlando "The Oops Guys". And, it's where we became close friends to the funniest improv team I've ever seen, "The Drunk Baby Collective".

We spent several afternoons at O'boys with the guys from "the Collective".

As soon as Brett, my boss Lisa and I dropped off our bags we headed off to get some BBQ.

Needless to say, the food was excellent! It was even better than I remember.

However, BBQ is wasted on Brett. He ordered the BBQ chicken and then smothered it in ketchup. Yuck!