Sunday, June 22, 2008

I can't rap....

On Friday, we did not get to visit Bermuda. It rained all day. However, after I had blogged on Thursday night, we all stepped off the boat and walked a few blocks down the road to a place called Hammerheads at Snorkel Park. It was a definite unique Bermuda experience. We were in a large, elevated, open air pavilion on the beach. Jeannie and I are not drinkers so we stuck around for a little while with our castmates and new friends, but left after an hour.Friday night we had a great dinner with the cast in the Japanese steak house on the ship. It was great.

After that, we had our first scriptless show in Spinnaker Lounge on the boat. We were a little tentative and didn’t make the best choice in choosing some of our games and the show wasn’t as strong as we would have liked. It was a good show and the audience liked it, but it wasn’t at all up to our potential.

Saturday we spent all day rehearsing as we had our final show of the week scheduled for Saturday evening. Matt Hovde ran us through the ringer. He worked us hard for three straight hours.

He even made us create a new game for our opening. It was a “Rapping Game”.

Now, let me tell you, I cannot rap. There are two reasons for that. I have no rhythm and cannot rhyme. At all!

My coordination and rhythm is so bad I cannot play “Guitar Hero” or “Rock Band”. I’m not kidding. I’ve got rhythm and rhyming issues.

The rehearsal paid off. The Saturday night show was awesome. I even managed to complete all my rhymes.

Tomorrow morning we’re in New York City and start all over again. The current passengers will disembark and we’ll get a ship full of new ones. It’ll be our first week on our own as Nate, our producer and Matt, our director are moving on to work on other ships.
It’ll be nice to be back in America, even if it’s only for 8 hours.

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