Monday, December 1, 2008

Miami and Samana...

On Saturday we went to the Dadeland Mall in Miami.

It was all decorated for Christmas and we had our first Santa sighting.

When we got back to the ship there was aircraft carrier parked in front of us.

Yesterday was a busy day. Worked out. Had rehearsal. Did the Ship TV show. Taught a workshop. Watched the Bears embarrass themselves.

Today, we decided not to go to Cayo, the private island in the Dominican Republic. Instead, we went to city of Samana.

Samana is an interesting port city. It has more shore excursions than any other place in the Caribbean. You can go horseback riding through a waterfall. You can zipline through the jungle. You can parasail. It’s pretty amazing.

However, if you just want to go to land to walk around the city, there’s not much to see. In fact, what you do see, you probably wish you hadn’t.

Unlike the rest of the islands we visited, there aren’t chickens wandering around like stray cats, there are horses running around like stray cats.

We did however, find a nice restaurant to eat at. It was very clean and very nice. We got our bill and it was $935.00 DRD.

I asked the waitress what the conversion rate was and she looked at me for several seconds before shaking her head slightly and saying “Como?”

It was the first time we’ve run across someone who spoke absolutely no English whatsoever. To be honest, I would have thought we’d have met non-English speakers way before this.

Jeannie spoke a little Spanish to her and we discovered that $935.00 was equivalent to $30.00 US dollars. It was quite a deal.

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