Friday, May 29, 2009


Yesterday was our 2 month anniversary on the ship.

2 months!

It doesn't seem like we've been on that long at all.

In the early afternoon yesterday Jeannie and I went to an old sugar cane plantation from the '30's.  It was very beautiful and cool.

We toured the old plantation house and were able to walk around the entire house freely.

There was a train there that choo-chooed around the entire 220 acre plantation.  

Unfortunately, the guidebook that we have in our cabin misinformed us as to when the train was operating.  It said it stopped running at 5:30, but it actually stopped at 2:00.

I was pretty mad.

Since we couldn't ride the train the we walked around the plantation and looked at the farm and the different sights.

Later on that evening after our show we returned to the plantation for a Luau.

It was the first time I've ever been to a Luau.  It was soooo cool.

Here are the photos from it...

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


We went on a snorkeling excursion today.

The Body Glove Boat took us to a coral reef West of where our ship anchors.

The water was crystal blue. Bluer than any water I've ever seen before.

They dropped us off in 30 feet deep waters and we all swam around for an hour.

After I got out we heard that people had seen a shark in a cave near the reef. I contemplated the situation for a few seconds and then dove back into the water.

I found Brett and he and I swam over to the cave. As we floated around looking for it, it popped out of the cave and circled around beneath us. We followed it for a bit and then it swam off to deeper water.

A couple other people who were with us followed it for awhile, but Brett and I went off in search of the sea turtle that everyone else had spotted.

We never found it, but we were super excited to have seen the shark. When we got back to the boat we were told that it was a 6 foot white fin shark.

Very cool.

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Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Jeannie and I went to the Mauna Loa Macadamia Nut Farm and Factory.

While the farm is huge (220 acres of Macadamia trees) the factory is surprisingly small.

We ended our tour by eating free samples and buying ice cream at the plant.

Jeannie had chocolate macadamia nut, which she ate with a fork for some reason.

I had coconut macadamia nut.
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Monday, May 25, 2009


On Saturday Jeannie, Brett and I ventured further East through Waikiki.

It's a super nice area with high end shops think Magnificent Mile with palm trees.

In fact, we stopped off and ate at one of Jeannie's old haunts, The Cheesecake Factory.

Jeannie worked at the Michigan Avenue Cheesecake Factory during her first summer in Chicago as a hostess.

We even stopped off at the Apple Store.

Jeannie bought a new case for her phone.

The similarities between Chicago and Honolulu stopped when we watched some hula dancers perform.

In Chicago, this would have been those annoying bucket boys.

After lunch we stopped off at the international market and I bought a new hat.

I bet you don't know how much I paid for it.

Yesterday in Maui I went to our post office box and picked up my mail. To my surprise there was a friendly face in the window greeting me there.

It's improvisor Mike BradEcich. He's currently starring in Second City's "Rod Blagojevich Superstar"...and apparently the new adds for the USPS. Hilarious to see ads of people I know while I'm out here in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.
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Thursday, May 21, 2009


The Cubs are killing me.  Absolutely killing me.

They are turning into a very streaky team.  

I hate streaky teams.  Play great or play poorly.  Don't win 5 games in a row and make me think you're awesome and then lose 4 games in a row and make me think you're garbage.

Be consistent. 

The Cubs are anything but consistent.  

So frustrating.  They're picking the worst time to stink up the joint.


I ran 6.1 miles yesterday on the treadmill.

That's the most I've ever run.  After it was over I was dripping with sweat, but felt really good.  I think I could maybe have done another mile or so.

This morning I got on the treadmill with the expectation that I would run my usual 3.1 miles.  However, I took 2 steps and I was completely out of breath.  All of my energy was completely depleted from yesterdays run.

I still managed to run 3.1 miles, but I had to lower my rate of speed dramatically.  It took me 5 to 6 minutes longer than usual to complete my workout.

I've read in running magazines that I should rest after big runs.  I'm going to need to remember to do that.  In fact, after this morning's difficulties I'm not going back to the gym until Sunday.


The new podcast is here.  In this episode I give Brett and Jeannie a spelling test and I argue with Brett about why he refused to put the top up on the Jeep as we drove through 45 degree temperatures.

For some reason there is a little buzzing sound during the first 45 seconds of the podcast.  Keep listening though, it goes away after the first minute.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Ugh..Cubs lost.

They're now 3 games behind the jerks of baseball, the Milwaukee Brewers.  


I've done nothing today but watch the ballgame, surf the internet and do my laundry.

Sometimes you just need to pretend you're not in Hawaii so you can relax and do the things you'd normally do if you were at home on Southport and Addison.

Our new podcast is up.  It's all about bad movies, bad music and Brett's competitive drive.

Please listen and send us your comments and questions.

Go Cubs.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Haleakala Mountain...

On a whim, Brett and Chris rented a Jeep and decided to drive up to Haleakala Mountain.

They invited me to come so I tagged along.

It was a hot 86 degree day in Kahului so we were dressed appropriately in shorts and t-shirts.  Since we figured we were going to be hiking a lot we brought water to drink.

On the drive up we passed through some amazing forests...

...and beautiful rolling hills.

We even passed a polo match...

...and an amazing blue flowered tree.

As we drove higher and higher we noticed we were getting closer to the clouds.

In fact, we drove right through the clouds.

We also felt the temperature drop steadily the higher we went.

By the time we got to the top we were above the clouds.

When we reached the summit we were above 10,000 feet.  To our surprise, the temperature up there was a balmy 50 degrees.  The winds were blowing 10-15 miles per hour so the wind chill made it feel closer to 42 degrees.

We were not at all prepared for that.

We were also not prepared for the view.  It wasn't at all what we were expecting.

The guidebook and rangers told us that the interior of the crater was the interior of a volcano and the surface was similar to the surface of Mars or the moon.

It was amazing.

Even though we were freezing our butts off we decided to hike down into the dormant volcano.

With every step we took, the earth changed colors and textures.  It was unreal.

If you've got an extra $189.00 you can ride a horse through the crater.

On the walk back up we were wishing we had the horses.  

Because of the climate of the area, there are animals, insects and plants that only exist here.  Here are some of the ones that we found.

It was one of them most magnificent sights I've ever seen.

Since Robyn, Mark and Jeannie didn't come with us, I'm sure we'll be going back.