Saturday, October 31, 2009


Tonight we get an hour closer to coming home!

While the rest of the world turns their clocks back an hour, we stay the same. That means that we gain an hour on the rest of America. We'll be 2 weeks, 6 days and 23 hours closer to coming home.

We'll be 2 hours behind L.A., 4 hours behind Chicago and 5 hours behind NYC. That's a lot more manageable.


My own personal tour of Lost filming locations made another stop today.

This one I didn't stumble across on my own. Someone from my class at Laughtrack tipped me off to this one.

It's Penny's door.

You can see Desmond knocking on it and looking up to the window for her.

Across the street from it is a magnificent building where they've also filmed a lot of scenes from Lost. Although, the reason I'm pointing it out is because it's amazing entrance door.
Look at that thing! It's very cool.

It looks like it would take five people to push it open just so that you could leave.


After my class at Laughtrack, Brett and I met up to watch Paranormal Activity at Ward Theaters.

It was pretty good. Not as scary as they made it out to be, but very entertaining.

It was too scary for Jeannie to see. We wouldn't let her go with us. Instead, we made her go the Michael Jackson movie, which she liked a lot.

Afterward, we saw tons of kids trick-or-treating at the Ward Center.

They were very cute.

Friday, October 30, 2009


A few months ago Jeannie and I visited an old sugar plantation in Kauai. They had a train that circled the property and gave a tour of what life was like on the island in the mid 1900's.

We arrived too late for the train, but a walking tour on our own. To our delight, we returned there later that night for a Luau.

Yesterday, we decided to go back and ride the train.

This time, Brett tagged along.

Instead of taking a cab this time (Last time it cost $40), we took the K-Mart shuttle and then walked to the plantation. It was a little bit further away than we had realized. The biggest problem was that once we got on the property, we still had another half mile to walk.

We looked at the time and realized we were going to miss the train once again. Jeannie dared Brett to hitchhike and to our surprise, he did!

A car pulled over and an older lady in a BMW pulled over and drove us up the driveway to the train depot.

We then got on the train and choo-chooed around for 40 minutes.

It was great!

The highlight was pulling over and seeing the animals they have on the plantation.

Jeannie and Brett even fed some wild Hawaiian pigs that lived on the farm.

Afterward, ate at the plantation restaurant and sat outside on the veranda.

It was a nice relaxing day.


Thursday, October 29, 2009


Kona is always hot. Always!

Strangely, that's where we decide to play tennis every week.

After three hours, we're all exhausted, dehydrated and suffering from heat stroke.

Kona also has some of the best restaurants in Hawaii. One of our favorites, we call "the icebox".

We call it that because we can't remember it's name and they have an sign on the side of their building advertising that they have air conditioning. On the sign there is a drawing of an ice cube and squiggly lines above it to look like wind blowing over it.

For some reason, that made Jeannie think the name of the restaurant was "The Icebox" and we have called it that ever since.

Ironically, it's always a bit stuffy and hot in the restaurant. There's nothing ice boxy about it at all.

The reason we go there is because they have possibly the best fish and chips I have ever tasted.

They make it with fresh Ono.

I've never even heard of Ono fish, but it taste incredible. It's not oily or fishy like halibut, which is what most fish and chips is made from. Ono is thick, tender and flakey.

Even Brett likes it! And he doesn't like fish!

It's absolutely outstanding.

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Saturday, October 24, 2009


Brett and I went golfing in Kauai on Thursday.

It was a beautiful course.

They had statues to mark the holes.

There were also rooster's all over the course.

And nene's.

It was fun we had a good time.

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Tuesday, October 20, 2009


We are thirty days from leaving the ship.

Crazy. It feels like we just got on here.

We're now at the point that we're starting to make plans for what we're doing when we get off the ship. Jeannie and I are doing another ship for Second City in the Spring, but that hasn't been finalized completely yet. We've been told what ship we're going on, but you know, that can always change.

We'll have a break for at least 4 months before we set sail again.

That'll be nice.

I'm not sure where I'm going to live from January through March, but I know I'll be shuffling between my parents and Jeannie's parents for the month of December.

I've also begun setting up some teaching gigs and performance opportunities for myself and Aphasia.

In December, we're doing two shows in Austin and two shows in Dallas and I'm doing a workshop in both of those cities. We may be going back to Lincoln in January and are definitely going to Chapel Hill for the North Carolina Comedy Festival in February.

Anybody else? I'm going to have a lot of free time from December to March. I'd love to do as many workshops and shows as I can in that time.

In the meantime, I've found another Lost filming site. I saw it on the bus the other day in Honolulu. As soon as we passed by I recognized it.

They've used it for several episodes.

Here's Charlie in the church during season one.

They used it for the episode when Desmond was in the monastery.

And, in Jeannie's favorite episode, it served as Oxford. It's where Faraday taught and where Desmond met up with him after he time traveled.

Here are my photos of the place:


There are more Aphasia Presents Something... podcast up on iTunes and on our website.

Also, we jokingly challenged people to make an Aphasia inspired pumpkin and Rance did it!

Sunday, October 18, 2009


Here is what happens on Sundays:

I get up at 6:15am.

I stand outside Brett's room and wait for him.

He appears at 6:45 and walk through the hallway…

and past the pool…

to the Goldrush Saloon on deck 11. We look at the board to see which games they are showing...

Brett sets up at his table…

I set up at mine…

At 7:00am the first game starts.

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Saturday, October 17, 2009


We got up early this morning and walked to BW3 to watch Notre Dame play USC.

It's a loooong HOT walk down Ala Moana Blvd.

However, this cloud blocked out the sun for about 15 minutes of our walk.

That put smiles on Jeannie and Brett's face and they were stepping a little more livelier with big smiles on their faces.

Right now I'm heading to teach my class at Laughtrack Theater and I'm not stepping lively at all. It was a bad idea to eat a dozen scorching hot wings at 10 in the morning!

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