Friday, May 27, 2011


While Kauai is one of the prettiest places I've ever visited, it's also always one of the most frustrating places. Lots of strange, weird rules and rituals here.

Tonight, I went to see Hangover 2. I knew it had bad reviews and wasn't supposed to be very good, but I wanted to see a movie after the misery of this afternoons horrific Bulls game.

The theater was packed full of teenagers. I braced myself for lots of talking and distractions, but it never came. Aside from the kid in front of me who taped the entire movie on his iPhone, it was rather uneventful.

This theater has the annoying habit of not starting their movies until the theater is almost full. If there's still a line at the ticket counter or concession stand, the movie is not starting.

Thus, the 7:00 movie did not start until 7:15. The previews at the beginning of the movie lasted 30 minutes. That's right. THIRTY MINUTES!

When the opening credits of the movie started, I looked at the clock on my phone and it said 7:45.

This is a problem because I needed to get to the shuttle by 8:50 so I could get back to the ship. I left at 8:40, meaning I only got to see 55 minutes of the dang movie. Frustrating. I complained a bit as I was leaving, but the staff pretended to not be able to speak English. Forgetting the fact that I see them almost every week and that Hawaii is part of America and everyone speaks English here.

Ah, Kauai. Such a pain in my butt sometimes.

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Sunday, May 22, 2011


On Friday we were able to watch the ship pass by the Napalli Coast from Jeannie's parent's balcony.

It was a nice way to see it.

Yesterday, we walked around and looked at some of the downtown sites.

We went to the Aloha Tower and took the elevator to the top.

We then walked by the palace.

And the King Kamehameha statue.

We then went over the Mission House Museum and Cafe for high tea.

I then said goodbye to Jeannie's folks and went to Laughtrack to teach a writing class for the Gridiron project.

It was a very fun week having Jeannie's parents around. I hope they had a good time. Jeannie and I sure did.
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Friday, May 20, 2011


Holy Smokes, we had a busy day on Thursday.

We started the day with a tour of the bridge of the ship.
Jeannie's dad served in the Navy for almost 30 years so the officers on the ship were more than happy to give us a peek at the inner workings of the big ship.

It was all very cool.  We were accompanied by Sarah, the Cruise Director.
After that we headed out to show Jeannie's folks the island.
We stopped off at the Kauai Coffee farm.
We see Kauai Coffee everywhere so it was fun to see where it came from.
They have a nice self-guided tour.
And, lots and lots of free samples of the coffee.
After that we stopped at the little town of Hanapepe.  
It was there that we walked over the famous Hanapepe Swinging Bridge.  
Jeannie didn't like it too much, but she smiled long enough for us to take a picture.
Across from the bridge we found a little shop that sold tarot chips.
The owner was so sweet that Jeannie wanted to get her picture taken with him.
We then drove over to Waimea Canyon.
There are always little fruit stands at most of the attractions that you visit in the islands so Jeannie stopped and got her first bite of pure sugar cane.
They chop it up and you chew on the actual sugar cane.  It was good.

There's a lodge nestled along the top of the canyon so we stopped there and had lunch.
We particularly enjoyed the lilikoi pie.
From there, we drove back down the canyon and went to Barking Sands Beach.  There's a Navy Missile Defense Base there on the edge of island.  Since Jeannie's dad is a retired officer, he was able to get us on the base so we could get a little tour of the place.
They have a great beach there and we walked around on it for awhile.
As we stood there, we realized that this was probably the furthest west we could ever go in the United States.
It was a very fun and eventful day.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


On Monday we took Jeannie's parents to Lahaina.

It's on the South-West side of Maui. It's one of my favorite places in Maui. I especially love this Banyan tree.

That looks like it's multiple trees, but it's not. It's one gigantic tree whose roots and branched take up an entire city block.

We walked around in the shops for awhile and then had lunch at "Cheeseburger's in Paradise".

I thought this place was another version of Jimmy Buffet's crappy Margaritaville restaurant, but it wasn't. this place was a hundred times better.

Yesterday, we went to the famous Ken's House of Pancakes and a had the chilli cheese Loco Moco and the Kokonut pancakes.

Afterward, we showed Them the Japanese Garden.

It was a nice, sunny day in Hilo so it was a pleasant stroll.

We walked along Banyan Drive and showed them the Banyan Trees that were planted by celebrities. Here's the tree planted in 1933 by Babe Ruth.

And the tree planted by Amelia Eardhart.

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Monday, May 16, 2011

Looks Who's Here...

Look who's visiting us in Hawaii this week!

Jeannie's parents.

They got onboard yesterday and we got to spend time with them in their cabin. They've got a balcony!

Today we took them to see Haleakala.

Love that place.

It's the 5th time I've been there. I'm not Mr. Haleakala (That's Brett's title), but I sure do like going up there to see it.

These photo's just don't do it justice. It's really such a majestic, breath taking place.

After driving down from the crater we went to Paia. Now, I'm not Ms. Paia (That's Megan Hovde Wilkin's title), but I really like Paia.

Such a quaint, eclectic town. Lots of cool shops and some really cool restaurants.

We finished the evening by going to Mama's Fish House.

We went there last year with Adal when he came to visit. (Yes, Adal's known as Mr. Mama's Fish House)

I had a Lilikoi Colada!

Now, I'm not Miss Lilikoi (Jeannie's title), but that was a freaking awesome drink.

The meal was amazing, the company was even better. So nice to have Jeannie's parents here!

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