Thursday, June 30, 2011

3 Years...

Jeannie and I passed a milestone last week.  We didn't even realize it.

The milestone?

As of June 17th, we have been working on cruise ships for Second City for 3 years.

How crazy is that!

Here we are our first week on the Dawn.

This is us last week.

Monday, June 27, 2011


Last night Jeannie found an arcade that had Japanese style sticker booth's. It made her extremely happy.

The photo's actually turned out pretty good. I'll have to put them up here soon.

Afterward, she found her favorite video game from when she lived in Japan in high school.

While she played her game I looked at the prize wall.

Look at some of those prizes! What kid goes to the arcade and thinks, "I'm going to win enough tickets from skee ball to win that awesome food processor! Or mixer! Or George Foreman Grill!"

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Sunday, June 26, 2011


It's Sunday. Here's what I plan on doing today.

This is the view from the ship as we left Honolulu last night.

Also, in Kona on Wednesday, there were tons of people body surfing next to the dock. It was cool.

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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Game night...

Had a good old fashioned game night Sunday night.

We played the Monopoly game that Brett left on the ship from a couple of contracts ago.

It was a marathon game. We started at 9pm and finished at 1:30am.

It was great fun.

Yesterday Jeannie got a package from her mom. In the package was an awesome treat!

Alamo Crackers! Just like Animal Crackers, but with Texas and Alamo shapes. They're awesome. I love the Alamo, love Texas and love Animal Crackers. They're the perfect treat!

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Sunday, June 19, 2011


It's been a busy week.

Rich Baker joined us as a new castmate so we spent all week rehearsing. On Thursday we went to Mariachi's in Kauai for dinner.

Yesterday, while we were in Honolulu, I went to the dentist at 7:30am to have a deep cleaning.

Yowza! Look how the left side of my face is drooping from the Novocain. 3 hours later I left with cleaner teeth and healthier gums.

I was very numb when I left and they told me to go someplace to rest for a couple hours. I didn't want to back to the ship so I found a movie theater showing a movie that I've been wanting to see. I took the bus over and sat in the theater and relaxed for awhile. The movie was outstanding!

I loved it! It was Woody Allen's new movie, Midnight In Paris.

That movie made me so happy. I can't wait to take Jeannie to see it. I think Joe Latessa might come with us as well because he lit up when I mentioned wanting to see it a few nights ago.

After the movie I walked from the Dole Cannery Theater over to Laughtrack for my class. I walked through Chinatown and took a gander at all the fresh food on sale at the street markets.

By that time, my mouth was fully operational again and I was feeling fine.

Busy day at the end of a busy week.
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Sunday, June 12, 2011


Had lunch before my class with some of our good friends from Laughtrack Theater.

There's Scott, Larrisa and Jen. You can also see part of Jay's arm.

Then of course, there's Jeannie and John.

They took us to a Korean Restaurant. The place is called The Angry Korean Lady.

It was my and Jeannie's first time eating Korean food. We let John order everything for us.

Here's the menu. See if you can figure out what all these things are. I can't.

There are all kinds of signs on the table telling you how to behave around the Angry Korean woman.

To order the food you have to go into the kitchen.

Jen's being careful not to make her any angrier.

It was all very fun and tasty.
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Friday, June 10, 2011


Because this is our 3rd summer in Hawaii on the cruise ship, I have a pretty set routine every day.

I wake up, work out and then depending on what island we're docked, head out to do stuff.

I've got a routine for every island we go to. If we're in Kauai, I go to the mall or to the Marriott or to downtown. If we're in Kona, I have 3 or 4 places that I have the option to go to and it's the same in Hilo.

Sometimes, that routine gets a little monotonous. I get a little cabin fever and need a break from the normal routine. I need to do something different so I can forget that I have lived on a cruise ship for 3 1/2 years.

Yesterday was one of those days. I needed a break and needed to get far, far away from the ship. On the spur of the moment I got a rental car for $20 from Priceline and told Jeannie we were shoving off for the day.

We went to the South Shore at Poipu.

It's a part of the island we've never been to. It's really beautiful. We went to the beach and then to the Spouting Horn.

As we were walking away from the horn we saw that people had carved their names in the leaves of the tree.

We stopped at a shopping center to get a soda and discovered they had a Puka Dog there.

Can't tell you how happy that made me.

We got back in the car and decided to drive all the way up to the North shore since we've never been there either.

We found lots of beautiful and cool things there.

Like, the Kilauea Lighthouse.

This tiny church built completely out of coral.

And this taro field in the valley next to Princeville.

We then headed back and stopped at Kapaa to have dinner at the Brick Oven Pizza.

It was a very adventurous day. Hopefully it'll help me break out of my cabin fever.

***sidenote- it's Friday in Kauai. Remember what I told you about Fridays in Kauai?

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Tuesday, June 7, 2011


On Sundays Jeannie and I start the day off early by going to church.
We visited a few in Kahului and decided we liked this one the best.

The minister is Japanese and he's pretty funny.  It's an open air church so I always strategize where I'm going to sit by which of the glass doors are open.
This week during the first prayer, a woman got up and closed the glass door.  I opened my eyes and was pretty annoyed to see that I wouldn't be getting the breeze.

After church we took the bus to Paia.  We went there specifically to eat at the Paia Fish Market.
We went there one other time with Megan, John and Brett and they had the best fish I've ever eaten.
On the menu this week they had types of fish that I've never heard of before.

I got the cajun grilled Ono.
That green stuff on the side is wasabi butter.

Jeannie got the blackened cajun Opah.
So you're not confused, that's cajun Opah, not Oprah.

Sunday, June 5, 2011


Saturdays have become very busy.

Jeannie coaches in the mornings and I teach in the afternoons.

While Jeannie was teaching I made my way up north to Waikiki to say goodbye to one of our castmates.  On the way back I stopped at Puka Dog.
So good.

I then met up with Jeannie and Squire and Monica.  They took us to Bubbie's.
Bubbie's makes their own home made ice cream.  We each got a slice of their ice cream pie.
Squire and Monica got the blueberry ice cream pie.
Jeannie got the thin mint ice cream pie.
Those lines down the middle are girl scout thin mint cookies!

I got the peanut butter ice cream pie.
It was all very delicious.  Afterward, we went to Laughtrack for my afternoon class.
Across the street from Laughtrack is the Hawaii Theater.  It's a big place for wedding photos.

Every Saturday we see a line of brides and grooms standing around waiting to get their photos taken.  The students from my class told me that there are several companies that sell wedding packages to Japanese brides and grooms.  They get married in Japan, but come to Honoulu to get their photos taken in Western bridal clothing.  It's all the rage in Japan.
We got back on the ship just in time to sail away from Honolulu.  Another week at sea.