Saturday, May 26, 2012


My brother Jacob graduated from high school yesterday. He was Valedictorian.

So proud of him. Such an accomplishment. Look out all this ribbons and sashes he wore!

Such a good student. Here he is with one of my sisters, Pam.

The ceremony was fun, but it was stifling hot in that gym.

Jeannie really enjoyed the speeches.

She laughed hard st every joke they made.

Jacob gave speech and did a really good job.
Graduations are emotional times. It's an important moment for the entire family. Sometimes the emotions are so strong that the only way to deal with them is to play Tetris on your phone.

This mother was so overwhelmed that she played Tetris throughout the entire ceremony. She did stop briefly to applaud when her son crossed the stage and to send an e-mail to her cousin to tell her that she'd just beat her Tetris high score.

After the ceremony, we went back to the house for a little party.

We then drove all the way back to Chicago. In total, we were on the road for six hours and only with my family for a grand total of five hours. Quick trip.
We needed to get back to the city so that Jeannie could fly to Texas early this morning so she could go to her cousin Angela's graduation.
Busy weekend for graduations.
It's also the day that our dear friend from Hawaii, Jennifer Waihee is getting married. We so badly wanted to go, but we couldn't miss the graduations.
So, congratulations to Jacob, Angela and Jen and Jay!
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