Saturday, May 5, 2012


We're back in Barcelona.

Our original plan was to fly back to Chicago after leaving Italy.  But, I was offered the opportunity to teach and perform at a festival in Europe, so we extended our stay here.

The problem was, we had our wires crossed on when the festival began.  I thought the festival was this upcoming week, but it's not until next week.  I didn't want to back out of the festival after I'd agreed to it, so we made other arrangements and rented an apartment in Barcelona for the week.  Renting an apartment for a week is 70% cheaper than a hotel, plus you get a kitchen and washing machine.

Since we're here for a little bit, Jeannie's parents and brother joined us in Barcelona.

Jeannie and I spent a lot of time running around Italian cities, so being in Barcelona has been a bit more relaxed.

I slept in a little later than normal then went for a run.  I ran by the beach.  I forgot I was in Europe and that the beaches are clothing optional.  When you're younger and hear that, you get excited and think the beach is going to be full of hot topless girls.  Well, that's not the case.  Instead, the beach was full of naked, fat, over-tan, old men.  Up and down the beach, gross old men were walking up and down, flapping in the wind.

After taking a shower and eating, Jeannie and her brother and I went for a walk.  We're staying near the Sagrada Familia, the Epic Gaudi designed church.

We then walked down to the soccer pitch and watched a game.

When we sat down to watch the game, Jeannie said, "I'll watch because we're in Barcelona, but soccer's so boring!"

Well, 2 minutes into the game, Jeannie had changed her mind.  She was blown away by how good it was.

After the game, Jeannie found her favorite European ice cream bar.  Maxibon.

Behind Jeannie, you can see Barcelona's bull fighting ring.  Bull fighting was banned in Barcelona last year, but I think you can still take tours of the stadium.  I am not a supporter of bull fighting. Not at all.  But, we might take a tour of the stadium.  Maybe.

Later on that night, we went out for dinner at a Tapas restaurant.

We're here for a week.  Let's see what we can do to keep ourselves entertained.

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