Tuesday, October 30, 2012


We were in Curaçao yesterday.

It's one of my all time favorite places that we've ever visited

We came here 4 years ago and I really loved. So quaint and cool and Dutch.

They have a floating market where you can buy fruits and vegetables and all kind of supplies.

We did our Mainstage show at night and it went really well. I always like our shows that we do, but this R.O. that we're doing is especially fun and cool.

After our show, Brett, Megan and I got off the ship for an hour to grab dinner. After dinner, we stopped and got frozen yogurt.

It was nice being out at night. The city looked great.

On to Aruba.
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Saturday, October 27, 2012


We're in Barbados today. When you ask crew members what their favorite island is, they usually always say Barbados.

We've been here a few times and I've never understood why they all felt that way. We've walked around the downtown and it's...well...not my favorite.

A lot of the buildings look like that.

The reason why everybody likes Barbados is this little place called The Boatyard.

After hearing so much about it, we finally went today.

Well, I have to say, it's an amazing place!

Mark and Rich came to the beach as if they were Secret Service agents on holiday.

We had so much fun.

They had a water trampoline and a water mountain. Brett and Jeannie climbed it.

They had a rope swing and we all jumped from it.

So beautiful and fun.

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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Last day in NYC...

Today's our last day in NYC. There were a lot of people who had their contracts end today, sp there was a delay for us getting off. When we finally did get off, Brett, Jeannie and I went to this AMAZING place called the Shake Shack.

Believe me when I say to you, that burger was one of the top 3 burgers I've ever had on my whole life!

The fries were just as impressive. Next to the fries is a jelly donut ice cream concrete.

That's right, it's a blizzard filled with ice cream and jelly donuts!

One of the most satisfying meals I've had in the past year.

Jeannie and I then walked around Times Square.

We then went to the Apple Store and went back to the ship.

From here we're going to St. Thomas, Barbados, Antigua, Curaçao, Aruba, Costa Maya and then New Orleans.

We're so excited that we'll be based out of New Orleans every Sunday until January. If you read this blog, you know that New Orleans is one of my favorite cities in the entire world.

We've got two weeks before we get there. Can't wait!
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Friday, October 19, 2012

Goodbye Bermuda...

It's our last day in Bermuda.  
It's been a nice little jaunt through this island.  Fun visiting again.

On Sunday, Brett, Jeannie and I went to the East Village in NYC.  We were planning on eating at Momofuku, a much beloved and trendy restaurant.  We got there 2 hours early, so Jeannie went to get a pedicure while Brett and I went to a dog friendly coffee house called The Bean.  How dog friendly?  They let in a dog who I think was actually a horse.
While I was there I had a rice-crispy treat that was made out of Captain Crunch.
It was really good.

We went to the restaurant and it was cool.  We got their ramen.  Jeannie and Brett really liked there's, but mine was just okay.

 I did however get a couple of pork buns that were amazing.
Different than the traditional pork buns, these were open faced and made out of pork belly.  So, so, so good.

Jeannie had a serving of Ritz Cracker ice cream.  She loved it.
In Bermuda, we've had a nice time visiting some of our old favorite places.  We've also gone to a couple of movies while we've been here.  When we were here 4 years ago, the movie theater wasn't as nice.  They've really done a great job renovating it.  We saw Looper and Argo and really liked both movies.

It's not often though that you can go to a movie and order curried goat.

We push off in a couple hours and head back to New York one final time before we reposition to a new home port.  We'll do a reposition tour where we'll hit 6 or 7 Caribbean islands.

Goodbye Bermuda.  It's been nice seeing you again.
Goodbye Bermuda.  It's been nice seeing you again.

Sunday, October 7, 2012


My new iPhone is having a lot of trouble uploading blogs.  There was an update for the app.  Hopefully, it fixes it soon.

We're back in Bermuda.  I have to say, I never thought we'd be back in Bermuda.  We spent five long, hot months here back in 2008 working on our first ship, the Dawn.  We're back for just 3 weeks before we relocate and are excited to visit some of our old haunts and favorite places.

This first week is an installation week, so we spend most of it rehearsing.  This ship our show is a little different than normal.  We're doing more of a touring company Second City show, rather than a ship  Second City show.  We did have some time to relax in between rehearsing.  On Monday, we watched the Bears pummel the Cowboys.
 On Wednesday, we had our cast dinner at the Japanese steakhouse.
Jeannie tried to make a origami seahorse.
 On Thursday we did our show and the new format and running order were a big hit.

On Friday, Jeannie, Matt, Brett and I rented scooters and drove all around the island.

We stopped from time to time to see some of the sites.

By now, we've been to the majority of the islands in the mid-atlantic region.  No island compares to Bermuda.  It's so posh and quaint and welcoming and beautiful.  The water is turquoise colored and so crystal clear.

There was a rain shower in the middle of our scooter ride so we pulled over and hung out in someones garage until the rain passed.
We then went to Saint George and walked around for a bit.

When we were done in Saint George, we rode to Hamilton to have lunch with our castmates and then rode back to dockyard.

It was a complete blast.  Such a fun day.

It's going to be a fun, fun contract.