Sunday, February 24, 2013


Jeannie's new favorite game is Telestrations.  We played it at Matt and Brynne's and Jeannie loved it so much that I bought it for her as one of her gifts for Valentine's Day.

On Friday, a few of our friends came over and we played it.

Guillermo, Brian, Brett, Jeannie and I had a lot of fun playing.  It was a lot of laughs.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Pizza Hut...

If you know Jeannie, you know she's loves specialty items she sees on TV.

Anytime there's a Pizza Hut or Taco Bell ad on TV, she immediately gets drawn in.  The crazy thing about it is, she doesn't eat Fast Food.  It's been almost 2 years since she's had Taco Bell and the only time she eats McDonalds or anything like that is when we're in an airport and can't find anything else to eat.

The Pizza Hut commercials are always the ones that get her the most.  "We never, ever ordered the special deals from Pizza Hut when I was a kid and I always wanted them so baaaad," She always says.

So, last Thursday, after seeing the Pizza Hut commercial on TV, I called and ordered it.

It made Jeannie very happy.
The funny thing is, the posing of this picture makes us look a little pizza crazy.  On one wall we have our wedding photo.
On the other, we have a new piece of art that Jeannie bought.

Lunch with friends...

On Thursday Jeannie and I had lunch with Jason, Brett and Anthony.

It was really great to sit around for a couple of hours and gab it up with friends!

It was a great lunch full of stories, conversations, jokes and a lot of laughs.

Seriously, everyone needs to make an effort to eat a meal with a group of your closest friends once a month!

The world would be such a happier place if everyone did that.
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Friday, February 15, 2013

Week 2 of Construction...

We're heading into our second week of renovations.  I feel like I live in a construction site.

Actually, Wednesday, I watched TV on my bed, walked a couple of feet to the table next to the TV and made myself a sandwich, threw the garbage away in the garbage can next to the bed, refilled my water bottle in the bathroom (The kitchen sink was removed last week and won't be back until next week), then sat back down and watched some more TV.  This all seems very familiar to me, I thought.  Oh, that's right.  It's just like being back on the ship.  I just have a bigger room, better bed, better TV, more channels and unlimited internet.  Still, I've felt a bit trapped here this week while they're doing the repairs.

Wednesday, I did the Something Old, Something New show at the Upstairs Gallery.

It was a really great and fun show.

Brett's brother Tim was there.

Near the theater there is a cool little shop that I walked by.  I noticed this sign.

It's a shop that sells all the Scandinavian food that we tried in Finland.

Once the construction finishes on our apartment, I'll have to wander over to get some lingonberries.

We have a few new podcasts up for the Thursday Evening Movie Club.  Here's the most recent episode for the movie Shane.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Wednesday in Chicago...

While we were on the cruise ship, we had an unfortunate accident happen in our apartment.  It got flooded.  It was a freak accident with the building pipes, but it happened while we were in Bermuda.

Our poor house sitter, our dear friend Becca, had to take care of getting everything dried off and repaired.

There wasn't a lot of personal damage to any of our belongings, but there was some damage to the kitchen and the bathroom.

Even though it happened back in November, the physical repairs didn't start on until Wednesday.  It took so long because our landlord wanted to wait until we got back so that we could oversee it.  And, the damage was more cosmetic than function.

Here's what the kitchen looked like before the renovations.
Check back in two weeks to see what it looks like after the renovations.

Meanwhile, everything from the kitchen and bathroom is crammed into the bedroom and the dining area.

Jeannie's visiting her folks in Texas, so I get to sleep with our dishes.

Wednesday night, I went to eat at the Fish Bar with Brett, Jason and Adal.
Brett and Adal ordered Smores for desert while Jason used the burner to warm his hands.

After that, we walked over to Headquarters Beercade.  It's a cool bar filled with classic arcade games.
On the TV's they had old episodes of American Gladiators showing.
 While we were there Wednesday night, all the games were free.  But, that's not always the case.

They had every old game that you might have played back in the 80's.  It was fun.

I took a cab to IO with Jason.  I didn't have anything to do, so I was contemplating watching some improv.  As we stepped out of the cab, we ran into Jack Mcbrayer.  We talked to him for a few minutes and he said he was going in to play with Carl and The Passions, so I followed him in.

It was a lot of fun listening to people gasp as he walked through the theater.  Everywhere he went I could here people whispering, "It's the guy from '30 Rock'!"
Before Carl and The Passions played, Virgin Daiquiri's had a hilarious show.  Nancy Friedrich is moving to L.A. this week so it was nice to see her play before she left.

It was fun to see Jack and T.J. do some scenes together.  When I first moved to Chicago I used to watch the two of them play together every Sunday night with their team Georgia Pacific.
To us in the improv world, these guys are Jack and T.J.
To everyone else, it's The Sonic Guy and Kenneth the Page.