Friday, June 28, 2013

Sun in Ketchikan...

It's actually sunny in Ketchikan today.

That's a rare feat.

It's hardly ever sunny here.

Now, with that being said, it's still a cool 61 degrees here. The temperature feels like 57 degrees. The passengers on the ship are so excited to see the sun and happy to be on their vacation that they are all shivering in the pools.

I stood next to a girl whose teeth were chattering as she said, "I bought this bikini for my vacation. I don't care if I'm cold, I'm going to wear it."

Welcome to Alaska!
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Sunday, June 23, 2013


Jeannie and I went on a tour through Victoria last night.  We got to see a lot of the city.  Victoria is such a great place.

The tour ended up a the Craigdarroch Castle.
It's not really castle.  It's just a really big house.

It was interesting to see, know...kinda boring.

There was some excitement however, after we took this picture.
Jeannie and I were sitting on a bench on the lovely lawn and were watching people take pictures of each other.  There was a tall, chubby man taking a video of his teenage daughter while his wife was taking photos of her.  The teenage daughter was posing in front of the castle (house) and was shouting at them to "get a good photo of her for once in their life!"  The father took a couple steps back to try to get the top of the castle (house) in the photo.  What he didn't notice (and, I still don't understand how he didn't realize this) was that the portion of the land he was standing on was the top of a hill.  A few yards behind him, the lawn dipped down six feet at a sharp degree.
The man was still several yards away from where the hill dipped down, but I elbowed Jeannie and joked, "How much would you pay to see that chubby man roll down that hill."  She chuckled, but was really worried it might happen.

"Don't worry," I said.  "He's too far from the hill for it to happen."

Still videotaping his bossy daughter, the man glanced behind him and took a couple steps backward.

I elbowed Jeannie, "Look out.  He's about to do it."

Jeannie chuckled, but got even more worried.

The man took two more steps backward.

Jeannie stood up.

The man took two more steps back.

"He keeps looking backward.  Doesn't he see the hill?" Jeannie asked.

I laughed.  "I don't think he does."

He looked back and took two more steps back.

The snotty teenage daughter yelled at her parents to hurry up.

The man glanced back and hurriedly started backpedaling.

Jeannie yelled out, "Sir, be careful!  There's a hill behind you!"

The man ignored her and sped up his backpedaling until there was no land beneath him.  His feet kicked along in mid-air with no ground anywhere near his feet.  His arms flailed along in the air as his eyes and mouth opened to their widest points.  His feet finally touched ground halfway down the hill.  His legs buckled beneath him and he crashed to the ground and rolled the rest of the way down the hill.  He landed at the bottom and splayed his arms and legs out like he was about to do a snow angel in the thick castle (house) grass.

Jeannie gasped and walked toward him as I bit my lips and followed along behind her, trying not to bust out laughing.  A group of little kids all ran over to him and started pointing at him, laughing.  Embarrassed, the teenage daughter covered her face with her hands as his wife whirled around and yelled at the kids, "*&^*%*, @**$% stop laughing.  He fell!  HE FELL!"

To his credit, the man raised his hands in the air and burst out laughing.

Jeannie then turned, closed her eyes and began laughing into her hand.  We laughed all the way back to the tour bus.  Ten minutes later the man and his family arrived to the tour bus.  He had grass stains all over his white polo shirt and jeans.  He even had gobs of grass in his hair.  He was in good spirits and wasn't hurt.  We couldn't look at him without laughing so we had to sit at the back of the bus and not look at the grass stuck in the hair.

So, all in all, take the city tour, but when you get to the castle (house), skip it and go to the lawn and watch the people tumble down.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Space needle...

I walked over to the Space Needle today.

There's a restaurant at the top that was featured on Top Chef.

It was a little pricey and I was by myself so I didn't go.

Instead, I grabbed a little pizza from a great little pizza place in the Armory.

Next to the ship there was a car show.

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Sunday, June 9, 2013


It rained all week this week.

The passengers were not happy. They kept complaining to the cruise staff, telling them they were very upset that it rained all throughout their vacation. I think they really believe the ship has some control over the weather.

I have a lot of photos I haven't posted. Here are some of them:

If you know Jeannie, you know she loves the Old Spaghetti Factory. We found one in Victoria and she couldn't have been happier.

We finished our show on Wednesday night at 10:20pm and came back to our rooms. Through our porthole, we could see it was still light outside.

Here are some photos of Glacier Bay.

In Alaska, they have drinks that time has forgotten. Diet Squirt!

And Bubble Up!

Jeannie discovered that Kelsey can sometimes hear us through the vent in the bathroom. From time to time she goes in there and tries to tell her secret messages.

On Thursday, we all went to eat in the Summer Palace restaurant on the ship.

On Friday, it was National Donut Day. It was raining too hard to get off the ship, so I found a special donut place to take her today in Seattle. It was a place called Top Pot Donuts.

Jeannie got a glazed donut and it turned out to be bigger than her head!

We also got a salted caramel donut.

The donuts were exceptionally good.

The great part about the donuts is that they're all created right there at the store. You can see through the little factory windows to see them creating each and every donut.

It's a fantastic place and I really love their logo. I didn't buy a t-shirt but I really wanted one. Guess I'll just have to go back again to get another donut so I can buy a t-shirt

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