Thursday, September 26, 2013


We're still in the observation stage of the Director's Program at Second City.

Right now, I'm writing this as I watch the RedCo rehearsal.

Watching a lot of rehearsals and a lot of classes.

I'm also teaching my regular slate of classes.

The podcast is also going strong. Snow White and The African Queen are especially funny. Listen here.

When I'm not teaching or rehearsing or performing, I'm usually on the Lakefront Running path. The Marathon is 2 weeks away. Yikes.

The time that I usually spend doing blog updates is now spent doing this...

I hope you're not too upset that GTA 5 is stealing blog time. It's just so much fun!

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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Random photo things...

There's not a lot that's been going on lately. Jeannie's in Texas visiting her family and I'm here in Chicago working and teaching.

Have I mentioned I'm in the Directing Program at Second City? Well, I am and that has gradually began to consume a large (but very pleasant) portion of my time. We're in what I would call the "observation" portion of The Program. I have one full day from noon to 10 pm where I just go to different areas of the Second City facility and I observe classes or rehearsals or performances. It's all very fascinating and immensely enjoyable.
People ask me what I've done while Jeannie's been gone and I say that I play a lot of video games and eat a lot of pizza. Well, that's kind of a joking answer. I've only had one day when that was kind of true. I've been too busy to sit at home and do nothing. I have managed to watch a few tv series that Jeannie hasn't had any time to watch. Orphan Black is an amazing show that you should watch and I've really enjoyed Orange Is The New Black. And, I've watched the Amazing Race Canada. It's just like Amazing Race, but based in Canada. The hilarious part is they don't run across the World, they only race across Canada. It's not as adventurous and they're way, way to nice to each other, but it's still fun.
If you haven't listened to our Thursday Evening Movie Club podcast, you should really tune in. They're always fun, but we've had some really great episodes lately.  Here's a couple: Snow White, Spartacus, Amadeus.
Also, my book Guru; My Days With Del Close is available as an e-book now. You can buy it on Kindle and iTunes.
So, here are some random photos:

We played Battlestar with Matt, Brynne and Guillermo. Humans won!

I got on the train the other day and it was the train that was decorated like the Luigi video game.

On Labor Day, I grilled one lonely burger. It was a big one though!

I went to the Music Box Theater on Sunday in between rehearsals and a show. Going on Sunday and Saturdays is the best because before the movie starts they still have the organ player play before the show.

Another successful game night at Matt and Brynne's!
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