Thursday, November 7, 2013

A girl and her salad...

Last night we went to a meeting at Second City.

We got to see our dear friend Kelsey!

After the meeting was over,  our friend Brynne asked us if we wanted to take home one of the left over pizzas.

Look, I'll eat pizza every day and twice on Sunday, so there's no way I'll turn down a free pizza.  (Full disclosure, I did actually eat pizza twice this past Sunday.

As we were leaving, Brynne asked if Jeannie wanted the unopened salad bowl as well.  They were going to throw it out unless someone wanted it.  Jeannie said, Sure.

Well, the salad bowl was a lot bigger than we realized.

Jeannie ended up carrying it around for the rest of the night.
 Here's a picture of me, holding the salad, while trying to take a picture of Jeannie and some friends.

She does love salad.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

November, so far...

It's been a busy November.  Not so much in doing anything exciting, but busy in the fact that I'm constantly doing something.

6 out of 7 days I'm working at 1616 North Wells or at 3641 North Clark.

I'm also still out on the Lake Shore running path 4 days a week.  It's been cold lately, but the trees have been beautiful.

You can't beat that.

Here are some updates.

We went on a desert crawl in Andersonville with our blogging friend, Declan, his wife and their adorable daughter.

Monday, my sister Melissa was in town for a work conference.  We took her to Lillie's Q in Bucktown.

A lot of our friends have told us that they have great BBQ and they were right.  It's really the best BBQ I've had so far in Chicago.

I tivo'd the Bears game so I could watch it in it's entirety when we got home.  It was tough being on media blackout for the game because it was everywhere.

Holy smokes I was excited that the Bears won that game.

If you haven't listened to our movie podcast lately, we've got some really funny new episodes.  We've recorded 83 episodes.  We're almost through all 100 movies on the AFI List of the 100 Greatest Movies.

You can listen to all the episodes from your computer here.

Or, download the individual episodes on iTunes.

Here's A Streetcar Named Desire.

Philadelphia Story

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

Saving Private Ryan