Thursday, March 6, 2014

2 Shows...

Tonight starts the Second City Directing Program Improv Showcase. My group is made up of 4 talented improvisors who I've had a great time working with. I had a genesis of an idea that started with me wanting to do something musical.

I've never directed or created anything musical so I wanted to give that challenge to myself.

As a group, we met and organically created Sessions.

Come and watch it, if you can. The show will be Thursdays in March at 10:30 at Second City's DeMaat Studio Theater. After it, you'll see two more fantastic shows directed by Monica Wilson and Stephanie Case.

Thursday nights at IO at 8pm is another group I direct, Switch Committee. On Sunday, we found out that Alan and is girlfriend Claire had become engaged. Before we got to rehearsal, David went out and bought a cake at Sweet Mandy B's.

Then they rehearsed by beating the snot out of Ryan.

Afterward, they saw me waiting for the bus and screamed my name for a solid 4 minutes so everyone on the bus knew my name and said "Hi Jeff" as I walked to my seat.

So, go see Switch Committee at IO on Thursday at 8pm, then catch a cab and head over to Second City DeMaat Theater and watch Sessions at 10:30.

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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Level 4...

My Level 4 on Saturday got me some amazing gifts for our last class on Saturday.

I was tipped off that they'd brought something for me when Emily said she'd worn tights that were part of a theme for something later in class.

Emily has over 30 pairs of tights and it's always funny when she wears a new pair to class. The funniest pair she wore looked like flowers, but when you look closer you see it's actually the open mouth of sharks. Too funny.

Here's the gifts they got me...

They all signed the brain on the inside.

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