Thursday, January 1, 2015


Red, White and Blaine is plugging along.

We've sold out every show so far.

The interesting aspect of our sellouts is that very few improvisors or improv students have seen the show.  Students and performers get in free, but we're routinely too full of paying customers to fit any free tickets in.

Now that we're heading into January and getting out of the holiday season, I'm confident the big numbers will subside and more students and performers will get in.  So, if you're a student or performer, come see the show for free!

In fact, you have more time to see it.  We're extended through the month of January.  We won't extend past that though because too many of our cast will be gone or moving onto other projects in February.

We've had some amazing publicity for the show.  Aside from a press release that IO sent out two weeks before the show opened to a few local outlets, the publicity has come to us.

The Sun-Times put out a great article on their website.

From there, the Daily Herald and a few others picked it up.  Time Out Chicago, Gaper's Block. Things To Do In Chicago This Week.

We got a nice review from The Reader.  And, a mediocre one from the Tribune.

Then, I got a call from Theater Mania website.  This article was passed around over a thousand times on social media.

Then, a couple of big name publications picked up the story.  Playbill. Broadway World.

That led to a phone call from the New York Times.  They came to the theater to interview me then watched the show and talked to the cast.

We had a gigantic spread on their website and in their print paper.

How crazy!  The New York Times came to see our show.  There's so much irony, it's ludicrous.

Both the New York Times and TheaterMania asked if there's any way we could bring the show to New York for a short run.  We haven't had any official requests from any theaters in New York, but we have had some requests to take the show on the road to some other theaters in other towns.  There just hasn't been a request that would work out for us.  

It's been a fun, magnificent ride doing this show.  The cast is super smart, funny and fun.  The audiences that have come to the shows have been wonderfully rowdy and fun.

It'll be hard to top this.