Friday, March 13, 2015


I was in New York City to do an improv facilitating gig.

I've taught the theories and fundamentals of improvisation to businesses for several years. The core principals of Yes, And as well as the other executions of what we do onstage, really translate tremendously to the business world. In fact, Kelly Leonard and Tom Yorton just recently published their book Yes, And about that exact topic and it's really quite good. I read a lot of books about improv and (I'm not sucking up when I say this) this book took me by surprise. It was fresh and smart (Seriously, I'm not sucking up) and very funny and informative. I'm not kidding. I liked this book. I wasn't going to write anything about it because there's no way to discuss it without people thinking I'm sucking up, but I really liked it and wanted to be honest about it. It's good, okay. Get off my back.

So, anyway. I did this gig in NYC.

We stayed at the W Hotel, near Battery Park.

It was a very modern, trendy hotel. I never take photos of the room I stay in, but this one felt like I was in A Clockwork Orange.

Our meeting actually took place in the new World Trade Center.

Here was the view from our meeting room.

Our second night there, we had dinner with our clients in Brooklyn. The restaurant was on the river, beneath the Brooklyn Bridge so we had an amazing view of the skyline and bridge.

John Loos and Kat Barker were with me for the 3 days we did the gig.

The memorials around the World Trade Center site were very touching and beautiful.

It was 3 very, very full days and we were exhausted by the end. I commented that I was so tired that all I wanted was a slice of people.

It worked. Kat and John found a pizza place for me and I was rejuvenated. Sometimes that's all it takes.

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Friday, March 6, 2015


Travel is ramping up.

I'm starting to do a lot of gigs outside Chicago.

What does that mean? Well, for one, it means more blog posts.


I'm in Houston.

On my first day it was 78 degrees, which was a nice break from the freezing temperatures in Chicago.

While we're still within the city limits of Houston, we're pretty far from downtown and pretty far from anything around us.

It's a good location for a run though so I was able to log in some pretty good miles through the nearby forest preserve.

On Thursday, a storm blew and and dropped the temps to 40 degrees.

Last night we ate at a restaurant called Cyclone Taco. After the meal was over, we found out the restaurant was owned by the family of a famous professional wrestler.

I got to do the gig with Rob and Will from LA.

And, Lisa Kueng. Here she is with a new book that she just wrote. Picture Your Prosperity. Buy it here.

Back at the airport, I got to partake in a couple Texas standby's. Whataburger!

And, Shipley's Donuts.

Back to Chicago today where the weather is warming up. We made it to Spring!

Lots of travel coming up. Talk to you real soon.

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